How Foreigners can Secure Financing in Dubai Real Estate?

The new episode of The Dubai Connect Podcast, where your hosts, Licensed Realtor®
and Certified International Property Specialist GG Ghada Benitez, along with her partner in
Dubai, Ahmed Ashfaq, bring you valuable insights into the lucrative world of real estate in
Dubai. Isaac Matty, one of the top mortgage brokers in the UAE, who will guide us through the intricacies of securing financing for foreign investors, particularly Canadian and American investors, in Dubai’s booming real estate market.

Isaac’s Journey to Dubai

  • Isaac shares his personal journey to Dubai, highlighting the factors that attracted him, such
    as safety, simplicity, and the quality of life.
  • Discusses the impact of inflation in Canada and the increasing unaffordability of the housing
    market for the middle class.

Comparing Dubai real estate and Western Markets:

  • Contrasts the tax-free environment in Dubai with the tax burdens in Canada.
  • Emphasizes the affordability of housing in Dubai compared to cities like Toronto.

Financing for Foreign Investors in Dubai:

  • Explains the financing options for foreigners, specifying that up to 60% financing is available
    for properties under 5 million dirhams and up to 50% for properties over 5 million dirhams.
  • Addresses the lack of education on financing and real estate among Western investors.

Visa Eligibility and Residency:

  • Assures listeners that owning property in Dubai makes them eligible for various visa options,
    providing long-term residency.

Selling Property and Mortgage Process:

  • Clarifies the process of selling a property, likening it to mortgage processes in the West.
  • Highlights the importance of proper guidance from a real estate agent and mortgage broker.

Differentiating Resident and Non-Resident Financing:

  • Explores the differences in financing for Dubai residents and non-residents, emphasizing the
    benefits for residents, including higher financing percentages and lower interest rates.

Mortgage Trends and Future Developments in Dubai:

  • Discusses the evolution of mortgage offerings in Dubai, mentioning the potential for
    increased financing options for non-residents in the future.
  • Highlights the relatively new concept of mortgages in Dubai and ongoing improvements in
    the banking system.

Off-Plan Investments and Financing:

  • Explores the benefits of off-plan investments, including favorable payment plans.
  • Discusses how financing is initiated at the handover stage for both residents and non-

Wealth Opportunities in Dubai:

  • Delves into wealth opportunities in Dubai, comparing the off-plan market to pre-
    construction in other Western markets.
  • Highlights the flexibility and extended payment plans offered by developers, contributing to
    the market’s growth.

Resale Financing Process:

  • Guides listeners through the steps of financing for property resale, emphasizing the
    importance of pre-qualification.
  • Discusses the role of valuation reports and final offers in the financing process.

Equity Release and Refurbishment:

  • Explores equity release as a loan against the property for refurbishment or reinvestment.
  • Clarifies that banks prefer reinvestment of the released equity rather than providing it in

Dubai’s Handling of COVID-19:

  • Acknowledges Dubai’s efficient handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring business
    continuity and maintaining stability.
  • Emphasizes the resilience of the Dubai market during challenging times, making it an
    attractive investment destination.

As we conclude this insightful episode, we invite you to explore the immense opportunities
Dubai’s real estate market offers. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer,
there’s a wealth of possibilities waiting for you. Don’t miss out on the chance to diversify your
investments and enjoy the unique lifestyle Dubai has to offer.

To stay connected with The Dubai Connect Podcast, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube
and listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. For personalized guidance on your real estate
journey in Dubai, reach out to GG Ghada Benitez and Ahmed Ashfaq. Thank you for joining us,
and we look forward to welcoming you to the vibrant world of Dubai real estate.

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