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We specialize in connecting discerning buyers with luxury investment properties in Dubai and coastal California. Our approach includes expert, concierge-style, best-in-class services along with keen market insights to help you secure the best real estate opportunities for your investment portfolio and lifestyle.




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We’re experts in the business of finding and securing the best properties to fulfill your needs. Skilled talent, market intelligence, exclusive listings, and the most powerful networks in Dubai and California make us the agency of choice for international luxury real estate.

  • Premier Property Listings

We maintain a strong portfolio of the finest properties on the market. We also have exclusive access to off-market properties.

  • Best-In-Class Services

We take a highly responsive, strategic, and skilled approach to serving our clients throughout all stages of their real estate journey.

  • Connected

In Dubai, we are aligned with a top-performing agency that has over 18 years of real estate experience, as well as the most trusted developers in the business today. Our affiliated real estate agency in California is one of the most well-known brokerage firms serving the coastal region.

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If you want to learn more about the Dubai or coastal California real estate markets, we are here to answer all of your questions. Please fill out the contact form below and we will respond to you as soon as possible.



Get inspired by the stories of our satisfied clients and the results they achieved with our assistance.

GG Benitez has been amazing to work with. Her excitement about Dubai is infectious! She listened to what we were looking for and delivered beyond our dreams. She helped us purchase a beautiful condo in Expo City in central Dubai. Her attention to detail, her professionalism, how she truly listens to your needs, and the way she makes you feel as if you've been friends for years make for a one of a kind Agent. Not to mention her accessibility and answering all the questions we've had at many different hours of the day or night. Thank you GG, we love working with you!

Mustafa and Kristy Bondugjie.

GG is the consummate Real Estate Professional. You want her on your team. I have always admired her work ethic, her knowledge, and her insight from afar, but in a matter of months she turned my dream of owning an international property into a reality and for that I am grateful. Let's be clear, I am not the easiest real estate investor to work to work with. I think I like something, then I don't, I have a price point, then I change it. I'm very interested, then I am not. I think too much. I ask a lot of questions and then when I get answers, I ask more questions. But during my process, GG was standing by me every step of the way, providing the information I needed to make an informed decision. She understood my needs, my strategies and my hesitations and provided me with the right resources at the right time so I could move forward. In addition, she comes with a team of professionals who are amazing to work with and have their clients' best needs in mind. I am so impressed with GG and the team that I can't think of working with anyone else.

Bryan Cochran

“As an investor, it was important to speak to someone knowledgeable about the fast-moving Dubai real estate market, and that’s what my partners and I found with GG Benitez and her team. They walked us through the entire investing process and ultimately found us the perfect opportunities to invest in. We are excited to be part of the action in Dubai, and will continue to use GG as we grow our portfolio in the Middle East.”

Ray T.

GG Benitez is well connected in Dubai and here in San Diego. She and her Real Estate partners showed me multiple properties in Dubai, ultimately helping me find the most strategic investment opportunity. She is on top of her game, knowledgeable, and trustworthy in this area. If you need someone to help you buy and invest in real estate, I highly recommend her.

Chris Mattia

GG Benitez is an astute realtor. She is methodical, organized and extremely helpful. She has the pulse on the dubai market and will hold your hand throughout the entire process . I highly recommend her for your international real estate purchase.

Vince Dickow

I have known GG over 30 years she is one of the most hard working professionals I know with strong determination and knowledge of both the San Diego and the Dubai Market and current trends. Having GG by your side as your advisor is a financial benefit on its own.

Zainab Al Shamkhani

“In a world of robotic transactions, GG Benitez is uniquely and wonderfully human. As busy as she is, GG is committed to the needs and vision of each client, and that’s a good feeling.”

Kelcey Felbert - Operations Director

“GG Benitez International is the real deal. GG understands how international real estate operates. She has an instinctive sense of what the client needs and how to achieve it.”

Teresa Dillon - President and Owner, Dillon Corporation

"This is the most authentic, action packed, insightful and inspiring video on Dubai Real Estate. Thank you GG for hosting him (Dr. Mahmoud Alburai of the Dubai Land Department) on The Dubai Connect Podcast and I appreciate you sharing! This clarified open questions and also got to learn more about the government’s role. Well done"


We acquired a 2 bed in a highly sought after location in Dubai (in a EMAAR Development)...It was amazing working with GG and her team. We took the oppty to grab a last minute cancellation unit in a sold out project. We did the deal is 2 days and she streamlined the whole process using her / team's incredible relationship with EMAAR agents

Priyadarshi Mohapatra

"We have been looking to diversify our investment portfolio into Dubai, and came across GG on her podcast, The Dubai Connect, and decided she would be a perfect guide for our strategy based on her expertise and connections. She was able to help us secure a very desirable 2 bedroom by the top developer, EMAAR, in one of the most sought after communities in Dubai, Dubai Creek Harbour. We completed the deal in two days, and she streamlined the entire process using her team’s incredible relationship with EMAAR. We will be using GG to continue to manage and build our real estate portfolio in the UAE.”

P.M. American Based Investor
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We are experts in the business of finding and securing the best properties to fulfill your needs.

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